The client

A London-based property fit-out and refurbishment company managing projects up to £5million.

  • Our client is a London-based property fit-out and refurbishment company

The brief

To create a digital brochure in the form of a microsite, accessible on a strictly invite-only basis and providing integration with Google Analytics for detailed user engagement reporting.

  • Digital brochure and Google campaigns management tool for a London-based property fit-out and refurbishment company

The solution

It was crucial that the brochure could not be found via search engines or accessed generally via the internet, however, a traditional username and password process would create an additional level of administration which the client was keen to avoid.

To solve this problem, we designed and built an automated online verification process to ensure that access to the brochure is granted only to those who have been specifically invited to view it.

From a marketing ROI perspective, the client required high-level insights including which prospects had viewed the brochure and how they had interacted with it. This was a perfect fit for our existing web-based campaigns management system, enabling non-technical members of staff to quickly and easily create and manage marketing campaigns for the brochure.

Campaigns can be created from large scale industry events right through to targeted new business meetings, and distributed via email, QR code or USB stick.